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Simplify data integration with the Cloud

Cloud architecture changes the way we are thinking the Information Systems. In this architecture, data or companies are decentralized, virtualized and out-sourced!

Just because of this, the way to exchange, extract, aggregate or simply see data is different for individuals as well as for organizations.

To deal with this evolution, Stambia chose to be totally Cloud-compatible in terms of architecture and also in terms of “way to design” the data interactivity inside the organization… and outside!

This can be understood through 3 points:

  • ELT architecture is the best approach for cloud projects
  • Stambia’s way of designing fits the new technologies such as Web services, XML and JSON
  • Specific Cloud connectors give the best productivity


The ELT architecture, best approach for cloud projects


The traditional way of doing data transformation uses a proprietary engine which is totally unadapted to the cloud architecture as we can see in the schema.

Extracting the data from the cloud to then coming back to the cloud is a technical non-sense. This will imply performance problems as well as increase the network traffic, and in the end, multiply the overall cost of the project.



The ELT architecture will naturally take profit from the fact that it doesn’t need a proprietary engine. Thus the data can stay in the cloud, avoiding network traffic, useless data travel and finally, this will greatly reduce the cost of the overall architecture. 



The Stambia way of designing

Through its Model Driven Approach of designing the mapping, Stambia definitely reduces the time needed to achieve the projects.

The major innovation resides in the fact that using complex technologies such as web services and application level APIs (such as SAP Bapis or Idocs), or dealing with hierarchical formats such as XML or JSON, can be done with the same easiness as using simple files or tables.

Thanks to the Model Driven Approach, users can forget all technological complexity and focus on business rule oriented mapping.

The same type of mapping with traditional integration tools would imply several steps, and would send developers into a technical trap.

Data integration projects are the very business projects which need to focus on business aspects and not on technical problems.

This is an important point to take into account on projects, because cloud applications and components are mainly technologies that will need Web services, XML or JSON.

Stambia is not only ready for the Cloud, but also provides the best approach for this type of need.



Cloud connectors

In order to improve performance and designing experience, Stambia has developed specific connectors for cloud components.

Stambia has a great experience on Salesforce or Amazon projects.

For more information, take a look at the Cloud Solution page